USB Adapter Charger Cord for Philips Norelco Wet & Dry Electric Shaver S5370/26

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Seller: Top-Rated Seller digitalfirst (23,967) 99.4%, Location: Hongkong, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 401749022851 You can Connects the Cable with 5V AC Adapter in order to Get a Wall Charger and Recharge Your Shaver's Battery, i.e. IN-Shaver Battery Charger,You can also Recharge Shaver's Battery via Car Charger,USB Hub or Computer's USB Port Using Our Cable.You will Receive 1PC USB Cable.Product Features for USB Cable:Plug and Play Compatible,Compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0Product Type: Replacement Cable (Brand New)Condition: New, 1 year warranty!Length: 4ftWeight: 35.50gInventory: In StockCompatible Models:Charge your Philips Norelco Razor/Shaver from any USB port ,Ideal for travelers or commuters .fit for all philips shavers with 15V Model:HQ8505,HQ8505/D,SSW-2082US-3,P/N: 422203623771,272217190137 Charger Cord: Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer BT7085, BT7085/15,BT7085/32 QT4019, QT4019/15,QT4019/40 QT4021, QT4021/16,QT4021/63 QT4022, QT4022/32 QT4050,QT4050/32,QT4050/41 QT4070,QT4070/32,QT4070/41 QT4075 QT4090QC5330 QC5335 QC5340 QC5345 QC5350 QC5530 QC5550QG3270 QG3275 QG3280 QG3285 QG3364/16,QG3364/42, QG3364/49RQ1131 RQ1141 RQ1145 RQ1148 RQ1150 RQ1151 RQ1155 RQ1160 RQ1167 RQ1178 RQ1185 RQ1180 RQ1187 RQ1175 RQ1190 RQ1195 RQ1197 RQ1250 RQ1251 RQ1252 RQ1253 RQ1254 RQ1257 RQ1258 RQ1290 RQ1280 RQ1260 RQ1261 RQ1265 RQ1270 RQ1275 RQ1285 RQ1286 RQ1295 RQ1296PT710/14 PT710/15 PT710/16 PT710/17 PT710/20 PT710/41 PT715/14 PT715/15 PT715/16 PT715/17 PT715/20 PT715/41 PT720/14, PT720/15, PT720/16, PT720/17, PT720/20, PT720/41, PT720/44, PT720/49, PT720/80 PT723/16, PT723/17, PT723/20, PT723/80, PT723/81, PT723/86 PT724/41, PT724/41SP, PT724/46 PT725/14, PT725/15, PT725/16, PT725/17, PT725/20, PT725/41, PT725/80 PT727/16,PT727/17,PT727/20,PT727/80 PT730/14,PT730/1,PT730/16,PT730/17,PT730/20,PT730/25,PT730/41,PT730/46,PT730/86 PT731/16,PT731/17 PT735/14 PT735/15 PT735/16 PT735/17 PT735/20 PT735/41 PT736/18 PT736/19 PT739/14,PT739/18,PT739/20,PT739/25 PT860/14 PT860/15 PT860/16 PT860/17 PT860/20 PT860/41 PT865 PT866/14,PT866/16,PT866/17 PT870/14 PT870/15 PT870/16 PT870/17 PT870/20 PT870/22 PT870/41 PT870/86 PT871/19 PT875/18 PT875/19 PT876/18,PT876/19,PT876/20 PT877/14,PT877/16 PT920/18 PT920/19 PT920/20 PT920/21 PT920/22 PT920/23 PT921 PT922 PT923 PT924 PT925 PT925/18 PT925/19 PT925/20 PT925/80 PT937/26 HQ6705 HQ6710 HQ6715 HQ6720 HQ6725 HQ6730 HQ6735 HQ6740 HQ6755 HQ6756 HQ6757 HQ6760 HQ6761 HQ6762 HQ6763 6705X 6711X 6737X QC5572,QC5582 Philips Norelco 7300 Series:7310XL,7315XL,7325XL, 7340XL,7345XL,7349XL,7350XL Philips Norelco 8200 Series:8138XL,8140XL,8150XL,8240XL/18,8250XL, 8251XL ,8500X Philips Norelco Multigroom MG3750 Clipper PhilipsNorelco Multigroom MG7790 Clipper Philips BRE61x: BRE610/00 Philips BRE62x: BRE620/00 Philips BRE63x: BRE630/00, BRE630/01, BRE630/10, BRE634/10 Philips BRE64x:BRE640/00, BRE640/10,BRE644/00,BRE644/10 Philips BRE65x:BRE650/00,BRE650/10,BRE651/00 Philips Norelco Speed-XL Shaver 8140XL 8150XL 8151XL 8160XL Philips Norelco Bodygroom Showerproof Body Groomer: BG2034, BG2036/42, BG2034/49 BG2036, BG2036/32, BG2036/75 BG2038, BG2038/41, BG2038/42 Philips AquaTouch Shaver: AT750, AT750/16, AT750/17, AT750/20, AT750/26, AT750/41, AT750/82, AT750/90 AT751, AT751/14, AT751/16, AT751/80 AT752, AT752/20, T752/41 AT753, AT753/16, AT753/20, T753/41 AT754, AT754/16 AT755 AT756, AT756/16 AT757 AT758 AT759, AT759/14 AT760, AT760/14 AT770, AT770/20, AT770/26 AT790/ AT790/40 AT795 AT796 AT797 AT798 AT799 AT800 AT810,AT810/41,AT810/41SP,AT810/46 AT811, AT811/41, AT811/41SP,AT811/41TT AT814 AT815,AT815/41 AT830,AT830/41,AT830/46 AT840 AT872 AT875,AT875/41 AT881 AT880,AT880/44 AT884, AT884/14 AT885 AT886 AT887 AT889 AT890, AT890/16, AT890/17, AT890/20, AT890/26, AT890/41, AT890/82, AT890/90 AT891, AT891/14, AT891/16, AT891/20 AT892 AT893, AT893/20, AT893/41 AT894,AT894/16,AT894/26 AT895,AT895/41 AT896,AT896/17 AT897,AT897/16 AT898,AT898/14 AT899,AT899/06,AT899/16 AT900 AT911,AT911/16 AT918 AT920, 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S9111, S9112, S9121, S9151, S9152, S9161, S9171, S9181, S9182, S9185, S9186 S9311, S9311/27,S9311/84,S9311/87,S9321, S9321/88, S9321/89, S9321/90,S9371 S9511, S9511/12, S9511/63, S9512, S9521, S9521/12, S9521/26, S9522, S9531, S9531/84,S9551, S9551/12, S9551/63,S9552 S9711, S9711/31, S9711/32, S9711/33,S9711/41,S9712, S9721, S9721/84, S9721/89,S9731, S9731/33, S9731/90,S9732, S9733, S9733/90,S9741, S9751, S9751/33,S9781 S9821 S9911, S9981, S9988 Philips Norelco S8xxx Series 8000 Wet & Dry Electric Shaver: S8880, S8880/88,S8950, S8950/51, S8950/81,S8950/90, S8950/91, S8980 Philips Norelco S7xxx Series 7000 shavers: S7310, S7311, S7320, S7330, S7370, S7370/84, S7370/87, S7371,S7371/84,S7371/87, S7380,S7510, S7510/41,S7520, S7520/12, S7520/50, S7521, S7522, S7530, S7530/50,S7550, S7570, S7710, S7710/15, S7720, S7730, S7740, S7740/69, S7740/84,S7780, S7920, S7921, S7980, SW6700, SW6700/91,SW7700, SW7700/67, SW9700 Philips Norelco/ Aquatouch S5xxx Series 5000 shavers : S5010, S5011, S5013, 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In oder to less the weight ,we will post in simple gift-box package in stead of shell package to our international customer.Return Policy:Item must be returned within:30 DaysRefund will be given as:Money BackReturn policy details:If you are not satisfied with the item, please Contact us within 30 days in details and we will exchange or refund your money. But we can not afford the freight of feedback. Please E-mail us and we will try to solve your problems. Condition: New, Model: 15V HQ8505, Colour: Black, MPN: Does Not Apply, Brand: Zhenfa, Type: Power Charger/Cord, Manufacturer Colour: Black

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