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Turbo Reflux Copper Ethanol Reflux Distillation Still for Yeast Spirits Turbo

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Seller: austraders1 (11,799) 99.5%, Location: Burwood East, Victoria, Ships to: AU, Item: 291959421481 Details: the incredible KEGGOMAX CM REFLUX STILL (as shown in photo below) Now you can get this for a bargain!"this is the dream still for any serious spirit drinker" This reflux still is a SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL STILL. Not like other toys that you might see sold elsewhere. It is double the size of most other good reflux stills and is proven to give incredible results. The still itself has a 77cm high (not including height of thermometer and bung, just the column). You CANNOT make good spirit with a short reflux column so steer clear of other tiny reflux column stills unless you want your spirit to taste like nail polish remover. I have been distilling for more than 15 years and know that you need an awesome still to give you awesome results. This still is capable of putting out 96% alcohol which is free from off smells and bad aromas. The still is made from solid stainless steel and professionally tig welded together. This is not some backyard job, it's welded by a professional tig welder with many years of experience. Just the stainless steel alone is worth big bucks. This is a professional Nixon Stone Design still that has been perfectly tig welded by a qualified boiler maker welder. Two Boiler Options This reflux still comes with all the mounting equipment so you can attach the reflux still to various boiler types. As shown above the reflux head can be attached to an old 50L keg. Kegs make great boilers for distilling but this listing does not include the 50L keg. If you want to make your own keg boiler we do sell the 2200 watt elements so you can make the keg boiler yourself. There are some instructions on how to do this below. The other alternatively is to just purchase one of our 30Litre stainless steel turbo boilers. The stainless steel boilers are 2000watts and this still will just fit right on top without any other attachments. So if you would like to purchase the turbo boiler just click here. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THIS SALE 1. Keggomax Reflux Still Head2. Silicon bung and digital thermometer (shown in above picture on the right)3. Mounting bracket so that you can attach this reflux still to an old 50L commercial keg4. Copper and stainless packing which comes already packed in the still column for you 5.Full instruction manual so you can learn how to set everything up OTHER EQUIPMENT THAT YOU WILL NEED 1. 50L Keg to make into a boiler plus a heating element that you can purchae here OR 2. Turbo Boiler for boiling your spirit wash. You can purchase these here AND 3. Garden hose for connecting your coolent water OTHER EQUIPMENT THAT IS RECOMMENDED 1. Water Pump - To use a reflux still you will require coolant of some sort. Water is usually the best choice because it's available and cheap. You can just run water from the tap hower this is a bit wasteful so we really recommend using a recirculating pump instead. The water needs to run through the still at about 10 litres per minute. A simple cheap pond pump from the hardware store will do just fine.2. Water Tank - obviously if you are going to recirulate you water with a pump you will need something to hold the water in. The only requirement is the water tank needs to be at least 200 litres (the larger the better). A spare wheelie bin works quite well. 96% ALCOHOL This still is capable of producing extremly high purity 96% alcohol. It is impossible to get higher concentrations than 96% using a conventional still so if you hear anyone saying their still can get higher than 96% you know they are simply lying to you. The reason for this is a small amount of water forms an azeotrope with the water. This of it as the water forming a weak bond with the alcohol. As you can see below i have taken a photo of the spirit that i have distilled an you can see that this still makes alcohol of MAXIMUM purity. WHY IS COPPER SO IMPORTANT? It is a well known fact that if you spirit is in contact with copper, the copper will act like a catalytic converter and will aid the release of smelly sulphides from your spirit. Without any copper in the still your spirit will smell pretty bad. For that reason we make sure to pack our reflux stills with copper mesh in the top sectoin of the still (as shown in photo below). This helps to ensure the spirit out of this still is of the highest grade. Over time the copper will corrode and need to be replaced (about every 2 years). This can be easily done by taking the packing out of the still and re-packing it. Some cheaper reflux stills are made completely of copper mean that after two years the entire internals of the still will corrode. This still is the perfecto combination of having a stainless body and copper packing mening it will last you a lifetime.SETTING YOUR STILL UPIt is important that the still is set up correctly so that you get MAXIMUM performance. As you can see below the water should flow into the bottom of the jacketed condenser before entering the jacketed part of the reflux column. The jacket on the reflux colum is wher the purification or "reflux" is actually happening. If you see a still without coolent going through the column like this then it's probably not a true reflux column. Above you can see how the reflux still should be set up. 1. The pump which is recirculating the water through the still and back to the wheelie bin (tank). 2. The wheelie bin tank is used to store the coolant water. We recommend the tank to be at least 200litres but even larger is better. There is no need to clean the bin, the coolent water is never in contact with the actual spirit. Dirty water or grey water are fine to use. If you have a dam or pool then these also make great water tanks.3. The keg boiler with electrical element already fitted.4. The spirit collection bottle. The one above is probably a bit too small but for illustration purposes you get the idea.5. The Keggomax Reflux Still Head BREATHER HOLE As mentioned previously, the scopper will release sulphides as gas. We recommend you putting a small hole in the spirit collection hose (as shown below) so that these gasses can be released easily. HOW TO ATTACH THE REFLUX STILL TO THE KEG BOILERThe bottom of the reflux still has a 2" tri clover assembly which includes the ferrule, clamp and a custom made silicon seal specifically made for this purpose. These parts are also machined out of solid stainless steel. This coupling arrangement will mean you can attack the reflux still to just about any 50L keg that you use as the boiler. HOW TO BUILD YOUR KEG BOILER STEP 1: Remove the spear from the keg. There are videos on youtube to show you how to do this. Here are just a coupler: video 1 and video 2STEP 2:Drill a 32mm hole into the side wall of the keg toward the bottom. You will also need to use a file or emery paper to de-bur the hole after drilling so that the element will seal nicely in the wall of the keg. Run your finger around the inside of the hold to make sure it's smooth.STEP 3:Straighten a coat hanger piece of wire and put it through the drilled hole then out of the top of the keg where the element used to be. Hook the wire round the element cord and pull the element through. The silicon seal included with the element should be on the inside of the keg. With the thread of the element poking through, do up the included stainless nut to secure the element to the keg. (DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN the nut. Just finger tight will do). The soft silicon o-ring will roll out of place if you overtighten. The pictures below should make it more explanitory. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: How much cooling water do I need? A: You will need a minimum of 240 Litres but ideally more than 500L is best. It all depends on how long you want to distil for. If your coolant water vessel is too small it will heat up to easily and cease to efficiently cool. Your coolant water needs to remain below 40C. Q: Do I need a pump or can I just run water from the tap? A: No, technically you do not need a pump. You can get away without using a pump and tank and just run water from the tap, however this wastes a lot of water so we recommend having a tank and pump and recirculating the water. Q: Can I adjust how long the distillation process takes? A: Yes you can. If you run the coolant water slowly (about 3-4 litres per minute) the spirit will come out faster but at a lower purity (about 90%). If you run the water faster (about 10 litres per minute) the spirit will come out slower but at higher purity. Q: How long does the distillation process take? A: For a 50L batch you can expect it to take about 5-9 hours depending on how fast you want to push it through the still. Q: Is it a good idea to distil twice? A: With this reflux still the single distilled spirit is extremely good and does not need to be twice distilled. However, if you want to do a really amazing job then double distilled spirit will be slightly more pure than single distilled spirit. Some people run the spirit through the still once quickly (called a "stripping run") and then dilute the spirit back down and run it a second time. Q: Can I use a gas burner to heat up the wash in my keg? A: Yes you can, however using gas is dangerous and we recommend the use of an electrical element. The 2200 watt element or a "turbo boiler" gives a nice even heat and will do a better job that a gas flame. DO's and DONT's 1. Do not let the boiler boil dry, it will burn out the heating element. If you want to only do a small batch then pour water into the boiler first to cover the element. This will ensure that when the spirit is collected there is still enough residual water left to keep the boiler submersed. 2. Do not alter the water flow speed once the spirit starts coming out of the still. Do nothing but watch and collect spirit.

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