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Seller: Top-Rated Seller dostiboy (18,055) 99.9%, Location: Central Coast, NSW, Ships to: AU, Item: 161340543145 MODA CAST IRON ROUND SKILLET FRYING PAN 20cm DIAMETER BRAND-NEW COMMERCIAL-QUALITY Cookware that lasts a lifetime can often be difficult to find. With this unique Moda cast iron skillet however, long-lasting use and unparalleled style is easy to find. This extremely durable option boasts cast iron construction, and is the perfect item for certain dishes such as long-cooking stews like gumbo or even pineapple upside-down cake. Cast iron skillets have several advantages over other types of cookware: First, cast iron is an ideal heat conductor. Because it heats evenly and consistently with no "hot spots," foods cook better with less chance of scorching. Additionally, cast iron cookware will also last almost indefinitely with proper care. When seasoned properly, foods will not stick! You can cook healthier because you don't have to use lots of butter or cooking spray. And finally, no specialized utensils are required: cast iron cookware can go from stovetop to oven to table with nothing but potholders! You can use this skillet to saute, sear, bake, fry, or stir-fry. It's right at home on induction, ceramic, electric, and gas cooktops, in your oven, on the grill, or even over an open flame at the campfire. So, this particular cast iron round frying pan / skillet is 20cm diameter, with two little pouring lips either side, and a hanging hole in its handle. This is a very economical piece of cast iron, and is a little rough and ready, and so may have small, minor imperfections. Now, my family does like its cobbler, and this skillet is an ideal way in which to cook one! It’s really simple, and the best part is you can substitute any fruits (and sometimes even a splash of alcohol) and it just seems to always turn out well. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Put in your skillet around six tablespoons of butter let melt in the oven. Meanwhile, in a bowl, add a cup of all-purpose flour, ½ teaspoon of baking powder and salt, plus a cup of milk, ½ cup sugar and some Vanilla extract. Ooh, this part smells sooo good. Stir them all together, add in the melted butter, and then pour this batter mixture back into the skillet. (If you preparing the adults-only version, you can reduce a little of the milk and add instead a splash of your favourite bourbon or liqueur.) And then spoon your fruit. Last week, we had three sliced peaches and two cups of frozen berries. Whatever is in season or close to hand, we use. Put the skillet back in the oven and bake for roughly 50 minutes. The batter will turn a lovely golden brown and the whole thing “sets”. Serve straight from the skillet, and eat it warm with cream or ice cream. Delicious, and easy!! The 20cm diameter is the top diameter measurement from little pouring lip to little pouring lip. The top diameter measurement (excluding the pouring lips) is 19cm. The height of the pan is 4.5cm, the underneath base diameter is 15cm, and the handle is 9.5cm. We have a number of other cast iron pieces for sale in our store located here: Dostiboy's Cast Iron Skillets & other Cookware! A GUIDE TO PREPARING, SEASONING, AND MAINTAINING YOUR CAST IRON COOKWARE FROM DOSTIBOY: Did you know cast iron cookware has a natural non-stick coating, which is why many professional chefs prefer to employ a well-seasoned cast iron skillet over modern-day chemically-treated non-stick frying pans? What’s more, they usually last and last, if even minimally maintained, for decades and decades! The very first time you use your new piece of cast iron, it must be treated by a process of seasoning. This is an easy procedure, and ought be repeated every now and then to maintain the innate non-stick properties of your skillet. You know that dark, charred-looking coating you’ve seen on well-used cast iron pieces in the past? That’s the perfect indicator of a well-seasoned pan! Please note that sometimes you can actually purchase cast iron that has been “pre-seasoned at the manufacturer’s factory”. You don’t see this very often, but even if your pan has been, it never hurts to repeat the process. So, here’s how you season your cast iron cookware: Step One: Peel any price tags or paper from your pan, and unpack it from any and all packaging. Sponge off any detritus with a small amount of soapy water and then allow your pan to air dry. If you’re in a hurry, use paper towels. No-one will ever know! Now, sit down, put your feet up, light a candle if you feel the urge, as some of you are going to be shocked by this next revelation: immersing your cast iron in water for cleaning should never be allowed to happen (except if you’re attempting to remove built-up corrosion spots off neglected skillets)! From now on you’ll only use a preparation of salt and paper towels and a little water in the cooking pan itself so as to prevent any rust from accumulating. For most of us, that’s going to be a shocker. When we first learned of this step, we actually didn’t believe it. But trust us, it’s TRUE. Step Two: Once your pan is completely dry (regardless of how it got that way), preheat your oven to a minimum of 200 degrees Celsius. Now, some might advise a different temperature and that’s fine; the only constant is that your oven ought be hot as the purpose behind the seasoning process is to essentially “bake” the oil into the “pores” of your skillet. Exact temperature, in the final analysis, makes no never mind. You can use cooking oil, olive oil, even lard or bacon grease – whatever you’ve in the cupboard. Wipe your preferred lubricant liberally over the inside of your skillet until evenly coated. Remove any gross excess. Step Three: Turn your cast iron pan upside down and place on the top rack of your hot oven. Obviously, you don’t want a huge mess of dripping oil, so place a baking sheet or foil liner down to catch any excess. An hour or so is the ideal time to leave your pan in the oven. Now, be prepared: there may be some small amount of smoke or smoke-like smell. This is completely normal as the oil is plugging up all the tiny nooks and crannies in your skillet, fashioning fewer crevices for the food to become trapped in during future cooking forays. Step Four: Once an appropriate amount of time has lapsed, remove your skillet (using oven gloves, of course) and place right side up to cool on a heat-resistant surface. Reach behind you and pat yourself on your back: your cast iron pan is now officially seasoned! We did you warn you it was painlessly straightforward. Extra Notes and Tips: # Although cast iron is naturally non-stick, “sticky” foods (for example: eggs) may still stick, so you would be best advised to use additional cooking oil when preparing. # Over time, as you repeat the seasoning method, a satisfactory layer of charring will assemble in the bottom of your pan. In an ideal world, your skillet would be wiped out completely after cooking, and then put through the seasoning procedure once more. But who’s perfect? Every now and then, season again, and you’ll be fine. Eventually – it may take years – your cast iron skillet will attain the non-stick perfection of your Grandma’s old pan, and you’ll realise you’ve achieved greatness. # The probability is high that you will crack or split your hot skillet if you decide to submerge it suddenly in cold water. Do NOT do this. There’s no other option but to allow your cast iron to cool naturally and gradually. Restoring Neglected Cast Iron: As already mentioned, your cast iron has the potential to practically last the duration (as in forever) if well maintained. However, if it hasn’t been cared for well over the years, you can take steps to restore it, and depending on the damage, there’s a good chance it’ll come back to close to its original condition. Step One: Inspect your skillet carefully; you’re searching for any and cracks, deep pitting, splits. Now, whilst cracks may possibly be repaired (it’s called Brazing and its actually quite pricey), the process will leave the pan unsuited for preparing food in (as the process to braze may likely contaminate the food cooked in that pan from now on). Nope, cracks and splits – in our humble opinion – mean the pan must be saluted for its hard work, retired, and replaced. Step Two: Assuming you’ve found nothing more harmful than rust spots, you can start scrubbing away at them with either a steel wool pad or a wire brush. Your aim here is to eliminate as much of the movable waste as possible. Step Three: Prepare your magic solution (one part vinegar to ten parts water) and immerse your cast iron, preferably overnight. This will relax, and in essence, liquefy any corrosion remaining after your vigorous earlier scrubbing. Remember how porous cast iron is? Well, and this is the reason why we suggest natural cleansing, rather than the employment of any harsh chemicals. The cast iron is perfectly capable of soaking them up, and ultimately tainting your food. If everything is not removed that ought to have been, you might need to repeat the process. Step Four: Finish off with another round of seasoning. Everyday Cleaning of your lovely, reliable Cast Iron: Cast Iron has a reputation for being one of the hardest-working ranges of cookware you’ll ever own, as well as producing evenly cooked food every time because of its wonderful heat-distributing properties. To keep this amazing product in tip-top condition, you’ll need to follow these simple, uncomplicated guidelines for everyday cleaning. Soap, water and immersion are not your friends when sanitising your skillet as the combination null and void your carefully applied seasoning process, as well as promoting rust development where none is wanted. # Salt: This is probably the most popular way to clean your skillet and it is super-quick. Whilst your pan is still hot from cooking, profusely dust with salt and then rub with paper towels or a non-metal brush (careful to protect your hands with oven gloves or something similar). The salt will dissolve any burned-on food without damaging the non-stick surface, as well as acting as an anti-bacterial cleanser. When this is finished, rinse in warm water and let air dry. If you’re so inclined, season again. It doesn’t have to happen every time you clean your pan but indulge periodically to keep up that lovely charred finish. # Steel Wool: Just as salt is an abrasive, so too is steel wool, and it works in a similar way as it too declines to strip your non-stick oiled coating. Team a tiny bit of water with some steel wool in the pan of your skillet (straight after cooking), remove debris, rinse and air dry. Season if so desired. These are Dostiboy’s tips and tricks for coaxing the best life out of your cast iron cookware. We offer them as guidelines only. Many out there will have their own preferred methods for caring for these special pieces. The basic principles remain the same across any cleansing ritual: try not to employ harsh chemicals, or too much water, and season often. We hope you enjoy. The team at Dostiboy HTTPS:// Or just Google Dostiboy eBay to find us fast! And do remember, if you would like any additional photographs e-mailed, please do not hesitate to contact us. Dostiboy would be honoured if you’d consider adding us to your favourites list! Sign up for our email newsletters by adding our eBay Store to your Favourites. Finally, if you’ve the time, please feel free to browse through our other items! P.S. Need an unusual gift for the foodie with everything? A LITTLE ABOUT US: We would like you to feel confident in buying or bidding on any of our products, and our common goal is to complete our transactions with mutual satisfaction. To this end, we will always strive to offer a practical and realistic commencement bid on our auctions, an attractive “Buy It Now” price, as well as reasonable, cost-efficient shipping choices. Our policy is always to leave feedback for our buyers as soon as they’ve paid. Feedback is the backbone of the eBay community, and we would be grateful for your reciprocation as soon as you receive your goods. We read each and every one of these, both as a gauge of your pleasure with your chosen item(s), as well as an indication of our service performance. If you have any questions or comments at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks awfully for visiting with Dostiboy. OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS: PAYMENTS: We would appreciate the buyer / winning bidder contacting us within three (3) days, and remitting payment within five (5) days of auction’s conclusion, or the “Buy it Now” purchase please. If any difficulties arise with meeting these criteria within the aforementioned time frame, please contact us soon as possible, as a non-payment claim will be filed with eBay on all non-paying customers. Naturally, this will also result in the item(s) being re-listed. We gladly accept PayPal due to speed, security and buyer/seller safeguards, as well as direct deposit, money orders and bank cheques. SHIPPING: We prefer to send all parcels via Australia Post. 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You can do this through the “Ask a Question” link, located in the top, right-hand corner of any of our listings, under the “Seller info” title. Alternatively, you can simply buy any items of interest and then (before you pay) wait for us to send you an adjusted invoice with your new, combined postage. Easy! If you’ve any other questions about this process, don’t hesitate to send them on through. REFUND POLICY: If you are not satisfied with the item(s) you purchased, please contact us before leaving any feedback. Dostiboy is willing to exchange the item or refund you the final amount, based upon the following conditions: Item(s) purchased will be allowed to be returned to the seller under authorized circumstances only, which will be determined on a case-by-case basis. We try our absolute best to describe particulars and condition of items up for sale / auction and usually provide between 6 – 12 pictures in every listing except books to allow the buyer / bidder to gauge wear and condition. Some of the items that we bring to market are pre-loved or lightly used, and therefore are not perfect. We endeavour to point out any and all flaws or damage that would affect the buyer. All item(s) are described faithfully and are sold as is, thus there will be no refunds simply for changed minds. Refunded item(s) must be returned within seven (7) days after item(s) have been sent. Returned item(s) must be in the same condition as when it was originally shipped. For example, brand new items sent with tags should be returned with those same tags attached, unused. Refunds will be given as money back and deposited into PayPal account once item(s) have been received. Dostiboy will make an application to eBay for a “Final Value Fee Refund”. Please acknowledge to eBay that the refund has occurred. FEEDBACK: Dostiboy believes in providing exemplary service and aims to build a greater seller reputation here in eBay. It would be wholly appreciated if you would take the time to leave us a positive feedback. Please contact us immediately if you are not satisfied with the item(s) you received for any reason at all. We would like to be given the opportunity first to correct any problems that might arise before you leave us with any negative feedback. Thank you. The team at Dostiboy Condition: Brand New, Shape: Round, Colour: Black, Custom Bundle: No, Item Height: 4.5 cm, Item Depth: 4.5 cm, Item Width: 20 cm, Material: Cast Iron, Stove Type Compatibility: Electric, Type of Oven: Electric, Modified Item: No, Capacity: 1.2 L, Type: Skillet, Style: Contemporary, Bundle Listing: No, Features: Dishwasher Safe, Cookware Type: Frypans, Manufacturer Colour: Black, Non-Domestic Product: No, MPN: 41088, Room: Kitchen, Item Length: 28.5 cm, Number of Items in Set: 1, Brand: Moda, Set Includes: Frying Pan, Surface Coating: Cast Iron, Item Diameter: 19 cm, Bundle Description: No

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